Treaty 8 Polytechnic

Logo, White

Treaty 8 Polytechnic

Board of Governors

Chief Billy Joe Laboucan                                                                        Leadership

He believes education is the key that enables members to gain foundational knowledge to further their future and careers. His role as Chief holds great importance to him, because he believes that when people work together it creates strength—It helps to build a strong community and healthy families.

Fred Campion                                                                                               Wiciwisis Campion

He is a Cree ceremony holder and leader in Indigenous-led recovery practice. He has directly transformed the lives of thousands of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people by bringing emotional, spiritual, and mental healing.

Catherine Twinn                                                                                              Justice

An Alberta lawyer since 1980, Catherine has experience in root causes driving indigenous over-representation; draft legislation recognizing the full scope of jurisdiction; establishing a Police Service; Trustee experience

Ray Bigstone                                                                                               Education

He has served his Nation of Bigstone for the past 30+ years and it has been an honour to him. He aspire to serve First Nations people for the betterment of OUR people and the preservation of the OUR language and culture.