Treaty 8 Polytechnic

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Treaty 8 Polytechnic


Judy Kim-Meneen                                                                        President/Chief Executive Officer

Identifying myself as a Korean woman, a wife and partner to a Cree husband, and a mother to 3 Treaty children has shaped my unique perspectives and aspirations. I like to challenge myself to go above and beyond whatever opportunities arise and take pride in my persistence, diligence, and empathy. Life has taught me to seek out opportunities whether or not they are risky decisions and my resourceful working style have benefited me in whatever project I start.

Crystal Bernard                                                                                              Chief Operations/Finance Officer

My biggest strength is my lived experiences and making lemonade from the lemons in my life. My family is Driftpile Cree Nation and North Saskatchewan and life achievement are my 3 children who are finding their own paths in life. My greatest satisfaction comes from helping people with their visions and supporting them to achieve their goals and my background in finance and administration is a huge asset.

Crystal McCarthy-Nelson                                                                                 Outreach Manager

I am from Frog Lake with ties to Treaty 8 and have been walking the Red Road since 2017. I am a daughter of a residential school survivors and I share my own lived experience to empower others is my passion.

Merle Anderson                                                                                                   Outreach Worker

I am a Bigstone Cree Nation member with connections in Treaty 6, 7, and 8 and a father of 6 children. I have been in my healing journey since 2016 working on my sobriety. I am also an oskaopew and participate in ceremony, teachings, and cultural outreach for Treaty 8 Polytechnic.

Jerry McFeeters                                                                                                   Outreach Worker

I am from Cold Lake First Nations. I am a survivor of residential school system and have 3 children and am a huge supporter of healing ad spiritual support. I have been homeless and have struggled with addictions; today I am sober and creating healthy outcomes for myself and others. I believe in Indigenous values as a way to help others understand who we are as a people.

Danny Bernard                                                                                                     Communications Officer/Administrative Executive Assistant

They identify as Nehiyawak/Metis and have lived in Treaty 6 and Treaty 7 most of their lives, with family connections in Treaty 8. They have a love for connecting with others, supporting communities and engaging with the arts.